US Sells $200 Million Worth of Weapons to Hadi Government in 2014

A year before the Yemeni Civil War broke out, the US supplied $218 million worth of weapons to the President of Yemen, Abrdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, in anticipation of upcoming unrest.

Although US support to the Saudi-led regime is well-known, this document displays US logistical support for the Yemeni president, whose crackdown on rebels has been condemned as a violation of the Laws of War by the international organisation Human Rights Watch, long before the Saudi Coalition was formed.

Whether this was merely down to a simple desire for profiteering from overseas war, of which the US has a long history, or a tactical attempt to purposefully suppress political dissidence in a strategically significant area for US interests in the petroleum industry, will no doubt be questioned by the UN Human Rights Commission when the war is being dissected over the coming months and years.

Wikileaks Yemen Weapons Procurement

Wikileaks Yemen Weapons Procurement


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