Post-US Election Should be Business as Normal for Wikileaks

A few thoughts on the nature of Wikileaks after these crazy few days

There is little doubt that the Podesta Emails have made a huge impact on the US elections. The man himself, John Podesta, went out and made the first concession speech in front of a crowd who’d spent the last few months wafting through his dirty laundry.

However, the fallout from these revelations has only just begun. In order for Wikileaks to maintain the high-ground and discredit those who continue to defend their slippery interests by dubbing Wikileaks (the organisation that helped expose Putin in the Panama Papers) as some kind of Russian trojan horse, it’s necessary to treat these election results as mere background noise and continue to dissect everything we have found.

Wikileaks is an independent, non-partisan organisation that seeks to expose those who abuse power, whichever side of the political spectrum they may fall on. It just so happens that one political party has dominated the material they have received over the last year.

The Podesta emails were not an attempt to sway an election, they were the exposition of a dark political inner-circle. The DNC leaks were not a vendetta against one party, just corruption at long last coming to light. Regardless of whoever inhabits the White House, it is now more important than ever to push this organisation further and further into the political mainstream.

Wikileaks needs to organically feed discourse rather than react to whatever sound-bite news stories may be circulating. We don’t know what the future holds, but we know that as long as we uphold the standards of independence and non-bias that have been established throughout it’s 10 year reign, we will ensure that it will continue to be at the front and centre of global change in the Age of Information.