Reddit CEO who banned /r/Pizzagate admitted to editing comments

In the recent fallout regarding Reddit CEO Steve Huffman’s admittance to editing user comments without their knowledge, it has emerged that some of the comments that have reportedly been edited were cited in articles concerning the shutdown of the Wikileaks subreddit /r/Pizzagate.

One of the comments in this article here (archived because it has since been edited) was reportedly edited by Huffman, operating under the Reddit username /r/Spez. The Washington Post account seems to defend Huffman’s reasoning for banning the subreddit in which information regarding Podesta email revelations was being shared.

The parent company of the Washington Post is Advance Publications, which is Reddit’s majority shareholder.

The /r/Pizzagate subreddit was banned this week owing to Doxxing (the publishing of personal user information online) along with other Reddit guideline violations, according to CEO Huffman. The subreddit had recently gone viral due to an increase in interest surrounding a reported paedophile ring operating at the highest echelons of US government.

Under Huffman’s administration, the website has hosted famous AMA (ask me anything) sessions with posts from Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Elon Musk. Comments made on the website and moderated by Huffman have been used as evidence in court.

Reddit has so far not commented on Huffman’s position in the company since the scandal has arisen.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman


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