ICWATCH Summary and Links

ICWATCH is a public database pulled mainly from LinkedIn of people in the United States Intelligence Community. The database was created by Transparency Toolkit and is hosted by WikiLeaks.

It contains no information that is not in the public domain, but simply trawls through 140,000 openly-submitted CVs from members of the NSA, CIA, FBI and hundreds of contractors working underneath them.

Nevertheless, some of the information compiled is pretty startling; for instance, type-in UAVs and you get a list of 8,000 people who are involved in the US drone program that has claimed thousands of civilian lives.

Developers Transparency Toolkit received death threats as a result of creating the software, and LinkedIn sued 100 individuals involved in the the project in 2016, but ultimately failed to shut it down.

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The original source code of LookingGlass is also available on GitHub for developers interested in mimicking aspects of the software.

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