FinFisher ‘FinSpy’ Software User Guide

FinFisher is a British-German developer of surveillance spyware that became very popular with despotic dictators such as the  Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. ‘Reporters Without Borders’ outlined in 2012 how the software was used in Bahrain to infiltrate pro-democracy activists and other dissident groups.

The software was often installed onto a victim’s computer by disguising itself as a software update, most commonly an iTunes upgrade.

This user guide was released as part one of the Wikileaks Spy Files series from 2011. Subsequently in 2014, after the software was proven to be used by various tyrannical regimes, Wikileaks obtained the program files of FinFisher Relay and FinSpy Proxy, as well as the previously unreleased FinFisher FinSpy PC spyware for Windows.

You can find all of these files here.

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