TPP is not dead: It’s now called the Trade In Services Agreement
One can hear the cry ringing through the boardrooms of capital: “Free trade is dead! Long live free trade!”

Think the ideas behind the Trans-Pacific
ICWATCH Summary and Links
ICWATCH is a public database pulled mainly from LinkedIn of people in the United States Intelligence Community. The database was created by Transparency Toolkit and is hosted by WikiLeaks.

Anonymous mark comeback with turn toward Davos elite
“Why do people who are envied for being so powerful appear to be so afraid?”
asked the President of the Institute for New Economic Thinking Robert Johnson back in
Wikileaks Marble renews scrutiny surrounding attribution of DNC and BND email leaks
On March 31st 2017 Wikileaks released 676 source code files of the CIA Marble Project, an anti-forensic framework that is capable of
The 2014 FinFisher Leaks were a precursor to both Vault 7 and Panama Papers
Looking back in hindsight at the FinFisher Spyware leak from 2014 shows many aspects of the major intelligence leaks of the last three years
Hackers post 50 million Turkish citizens' personal information online
Turkish Citizenship Database Live On Dark Web
Hackers have posted on the dark web the National ID Numbers, addresses and parent names of 49 million
War Crimes in Yemen: Key Decision Point for a New President
In 2011, American citizens Anwar al-Awlaki  and Samir Khan were murdered — killed without charge or trial — on the orders of then-president Barack Obama.