Afghanistan: US dropped food packets the same colour as cluster bombs
The Unites States Military air-dropped food packets in Afghanistan with yellow packaging, the same colour as cluster bombs that litter open fields
CIA shadowed a black hat hackers’ conference in order to develop their Sonic Screwdriver Mac exploit
In the second batch of ‘Vault 7’ documents Wikileaks released a user guide for Sonic Screwdriver – an implant on the
CIA's Pandemic uses 'bait and switch' to rapidly infiltrate local networks
On the 1st of June 2017 Wikileaks released documentation of a tool called 'Pandemic', as part of their Vault 7 series of retrieved CIA exploits.

Wikileaks Marble renews scrutiny surrounding attribution of DNC and BND email leaks
On March 31st 2017 Wikileaks released 676 source code files of the CIA Marble Project, an anti-forensic framework that is capable of
Sweden drops Assange investigation, UK police says he still faces arrest

Activists call on Met to allow Assange free passage from Ecuadorean embassy
By Simon Johnson and Michael Holden | STOCKHOLM/LONDON
Swedish prosecutors
‘Scribbles’ is the CIA’s answer to the Edward Snowden conundrum
On the 28th of April 2017 Wikileaks published a new batch from their Vault 7 leaks, exposing the documentation and source code for a CIA project known as
Pompeo anti-Wikileaks rallying cry intensifies the hunt for Vault 7 whistleblower

CIA director Mike Pompeo’s evidence-free assertion that Wikileaks is a hostile ‘Russian state actor’ last week has emboldened an anti-Whistleblower