'Sarkozy the American'- the CIA mission to keep their ally in power
George Bush's assistant for Economic Policy Al Hubbard describes in a 2005 cable a remarkable encounter in which the then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy
The CIA are the real ‘threat to national security’; leaks show they treated software exploits like toys
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CIA accuse whistleblowers of irresponsibility, but their software exploits
ICWATCH Summary and Links
ICWATCH is a public database pulled mainly from LinkedIn of people in the United States Intelligence Community. The database was created by Transparency Toolkit and is hosted by WikiLeaks.

Sweden drops Assange investigation, UK police says he still faces arrest

Activists call on Met to allow Assange free passage from Ecuadorean embassy
By Simon Johnson and Michael Holden | STOCKHOLM/LONDON
Swedish prosecutors
WikiLeaks Vault 7 reveals staggering breadth of 'CIA hacking'
WikiLeaks today released what it claims is the largest leak of intelligence documents in history. It contains 8,761 documents from the CIA detailing some of
Pompeo anti-Wikileaks rallying cry intensifies the hunt for Vault 7 whistleblower

CIA director Mike Pompeo’s evidence-free assertion that Wikileaks is a hostile ‘Russian state actor’ last week has emboldened an anti-Whistleblower
Afghanistan: US dropped food packets the same colour as cluster bombs
The Unites States Military air-dropped food packets in Afghanistan with yellow packaging, the same colour as cluster bombs that litter open fields