Erik Prince, linked to Chinese Intel and Iraq atrocities, advising Trump

The founder of the company responsible for the Nisour Square massacre, Erik Prince, is advising the Trump transition team on intelligence, according to a former senior US official.
He also has been monitored by the FBI for some time over alleged links to Chinese deep state relating to operations in Libya, further fueling the conflict between the Trump transition team and the US Intelligence Services.
Prince founded the private military company, Blackwater, that was held responsible for the slaughter of 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007, including a nine-year-old boy. Less than a decade after being condemned by the United Nations, Prince has earned himself the ear of the President-elect of the United States.

Despite three Blackwater guards being sentenced to 30 years to life as a result on the killings, then-CEO Prince remained untarnished from this scandal. Critics however suggest that the attack was a symptom of a culture of aggression towards civilians succeeded from high-ranking executives at the company, rather than an isolated incident.
Blackwater was rebranded as Academi in 2011, having been acquired by a private group of investors. Under the new name, the company has returned to its successes of the early Iraq War years, receiving a $250 million contract with the Central Intelligence Agency in 2011, and a $92 million contract to supply ‘guards’ to the Department of Security in 2013.
Prince escaped the mounting legal pressure on the US private militia back in 2009 by leaving the company and forming a new military unit for the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. He was hand-picked by the Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces due to his vast experience in quelling local insurgencies, something which would prove invaluable during the Arab Spring years.
He has reportedly been under investigation since last year over attempts to broker military services to the Libyan government. Intelligence officials accuse him of laundering money through the Bank of China in order to fund the operation and of soliciting Chinese intelligence services to streamline his new enterprise.
The Justice Department’s investigation has not yet been publicly concluded.
An anonymous source to The Intercept  who is close to the Trump transition team revealed that Prince was involved in the President-as-of-today’s advisory panel relating to National Security.
Prince’s sister, billionaire Betsy DeVos, is Trump’s pick for Education Secretary. Their father, Edgar Prince, was CEO of the Prince Corporation that was sold for $1.35 billion in 1996. She married into the longtime Republican-bankrolling DeVos empire, making her part of one of the 100 wealthiest families in the country.
Betsy DeVos, Blackwater Security, Erik Prince, Nisour Square Massacre
Longtime Republicans and staunchly pro-trump activists, even a string of military slaughters and established relationships with the Chinese deep state would never stop the Prince dynasty taking advantage of the rampant cronyism surrounding Trump’s Cabinet and advisory choices.
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