CIA surveilled funding of French parties before Le Pen was denied loans

CIA Espionage orders from 2012 that Wikileaks released this week reveal that the CIA was investigating funding channels of French political parties including Marine Le Pen’s Front National.

Le Pen struggled to finance her 2017 leadership bid after major multinational banks such as BNP Paribas refused to issue her party loans on political grounds.

The CIA document outlines the objectives of infiltration operations established in order to gain insider knowledge from high-profile individuals within the French political system. The queries largely concern candidates’ views toward US financial and foreign policy interests, but also probe potential vulnerabilities of opponents to President Sarkozy’s Republican Party (then named the UMP).

Page 4; Question 2 relates to sources of party funding

The National Front Secretary General Nicolas Bay claimed that the party were unable to obtain the €27 million required to launch the campaign as mainstream financial institutions were ‘refusing to play the game of democracy’.

Le Pen’s outfit came under scrutiny in 2014 when it emerged it had received a €9 million (£6.9 million) loan from the First Czech Russian Bank, believed to have ties to the Kremlin.

This loan was called-in by The Russian Bank Deposit Insurance Agency after US House of Representatives Select member Mike Turner urged US intelligence agencies to turn their attentions toward Le Pen’s campaign.

After failing to secure loans from commercial banks, Le Pen borrowed €6 million from her father’s business, Cotelec, but still fell way short of matching the financial clout of her opponents.

The 2017 French presidential race has been a cause of grave concern for the US as mainstream parties with strong bonds to the American political elite have performed haplessly, trailing to the frontrunner independent candidate Emmanuel Macron and the far-right Front National.

This is not the first case of Wikileaks shining a light on US deep state intrusion in France. Back in 2012 they released a memo detailing how organisations such as the NSA have been spying on the French administration for over 10 years.One spying order dating back in 2002 named ‘Information Need’ tasked the NSA with obtaining French government contracts and any ‘questionable business activities’.

Considering that the NSA, FBI and CIA have expanded immensely in terms of funding, workforce and political authority since these deeply intrusive infiltration operations on a key US ally took place, attentions have turned toward the current stranglehold that the American deep state have on a Presidential race that could change the European political landscape more than any election in recent history.

France is a crucial link in the US military supply chain – large firms such as Thales, Airbus Group Defence & Space, Dassault, the Safran Group, DCNS, MBDA, and Nexter are world-leaders when it comes to research and development. If the 31 billion Euro French military export stimulus budget were to suffer at the hands of protectionist economic policies or a divergence of interests, it would cause a major headache for those invested in the American military-industrial complex.

The recent Wikileaks ‘CIA Espionage Orders’ document was released ‘as context for its forth coming CIA Vault 7 series’ according to its official Twitter account, suggesting that related material is still to be published. There has so far been no indication of a timeline of when the Vault 7 files will be released and nothing more than cryptic teasers to indicate what the publication contains.

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